Want to capture 3.2 Million student views this year?

Mediamat is a new and optimal channel to deliver your brand to a student audience of 150 000 all year round throughout Scotland & Northern Ireland. Our mousemats are the official mats for ALL student computing terminals at major universities such as Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Aberdeen.

  Picture of students at workstations
16,030 terminals all year round; 150,000 unique student users; Over 3.2 million views per year; 4.7 million hours of exposure per year

Why Use MediaMat?

  • Deliver your brand to a student audience all year round
  • Build student brand awareness, recognition and recall
  • Exclusive product
  • 16,030 terminals
  • Cost effective
  • It works (put link to case studies)

Chart of Student Population

The extra-ordinary power of this medium to communicate to the student audience is derived from the dwell time guaranteed by way of being ever present at an almost daily focal point of student life. Whether for surfing, social media or heaven forbid coursework...common sense will tell you that there is a modern day reliance on computers at university and this is confirmed by our research (cf sample mat) which shows that the average student will be exposed to advertisers on the mats for 21 hours per term.

It is nearly impossible for students to avoid repeated exposure and Mediamat has already won accolades from major Scottish brands such as Citylets and international brands such as Yahoo.

Whether you are simply looking to build brand awareness or increase traffic to your website, Mediamat is a highly effective route to the student market. For more information, please call on 0845 225 0015.